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Corporate & Individual Training

We have a wide range of training courses that are relevant across several industries, as Health & Safety is just as important in one sector as it is in another. Our training team have special interests within the extended learning framework, as well as within Security or Event Management.

To provide a quality service, it is essential that both management and employee are conversant with the basics as well as the complexities of Managing, Delivering and Operating within a team environment. We therefore provide essential skills as well as advanced and Management Skills to ensure continuity across the entire business 

Specialist Training for the Security Professional

Our Specialist Security Instructors have well over 30 years’ experience within Civilian, Police and Special Forces roles. They have all worked within Hostile Environments both here and overseas.

Our Training all currently work within the civilian security industry ensuring their previous skills in the Military and Police are up to date and relevant in the contemporary world.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is promoted and completed from Senior Management downwards with an ethos of leading from the front.

First Aid at Work

“Employers must provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to workers if they are injured or become ill at work. The Regulations apply to all workplaces, including those with five or fewer employees, and to the self-employed”.

Level 2 Health & Safety at Work RQF – This qualification ensures staff are conversant with general Health & Safety in the workplace and covers multiple subjects.

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Level 2 Fire Warden RQF 

Fire Awareness (Optional Fire Fighting)

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(Centre Certificated) We also offer the Fire Fighting as additional extra to this qualification ensuring your personnel have practical experience as well as the theory. The Practical ensures staff know how to use fire equipment properly and safely in a variety of scenarios. 

Level 2 Food Hygiene RQF 

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Can be used as CPD – Within Close Protection many clients wish to dine out or go for picnic’s and the therefore a need has arisen for a clear understanding of Allergens, Cooling Temperatures, Council Hygiene Ratings, Hot Holding Times and Temperatures 

Level 2 Customer Service RQF .

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Level 2 -3 Risk Assessment RQF 

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Level 2 Personal Licence Holder RQF

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CPD for DS or CP Operatives – These courses are ideal for gaining a deeper understanding of the licensing Laws and the powers bestowed on the Designated Premises Supervisor and also provides for the opportunity to extend your knowledge in a manner that allows you to work in other industries.

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Level 3 Close Protection Operative RQF – This course has been developed to be compliant with the Awarding Body and SIA requirements to allow new entrants to gain their SIA Close Protection badge for working in the UK. Our Course takes a look into the multiple roles of a bodyguard, providing an excellent grounding for those who want to specialise in a specific area’s. There is more to Close Protection than standing around wearing sunglasses and within the Atlantian Solutions program is an introduction to Technical Surveillance, Covert CCTV Deployment, International Travel, Pastimes of the Rich and Famous each in addition to the mandatory requirement form the SIA.

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Level 2 CCTV (PSS) SIA requirement for those observing Public Spaces

This s extremely popular and is often added as a secondary badge due in part to the use of Body Cams and monitoring Events with the use of mobile CCTV Systems. Primarily it is for those that wish to work within Central CCTV Monitoring Stations observing members of the public and set public areas to ensure their Safety and Security, whilst preventing crime through observation.

Penetration Testing & Specialist Covert Operations Training

Covert Surveillance, Asset Protection, Residence Security, Investigations

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Course Development and Accreditation

Our Educational Consultants who are EQA’s and IQA’s can build and design your courses and where appropriate put them forward for accreditation on the Ofqual framework as nationally recognised qualifications or as graded Awards with a recognised UK Awarding Body.

I have created two TSCM Level 3 and Level 4 Awards for one of our Technical Security Counter Measures clients which have been successfully put through rigorous checks and the first batch of learners have been awarded their certificates and recently released a First in Industry Qualification in Penetration Testing.

Five easy steps:

Don’t be fooled into going to a third party, Atlantian Solutions is fully insured and has developed many courses with various awarding bodies. We have, IQA’s, EQA’s and Course writers who can, write and get accredited specifically for you and can deliver your training programs to your instructors ready for role out to employees.

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