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Intelligence Operations

There are many Organisations and Agencies that require a Covert Operations capability and for a wide range of purposes, that fit within the Prevention of Crime and Protection of Public Health, Safety, and Welfare. Those organisations and agencies that require such specialist skills come from all areas of industry. The list below is not exhaustive, but clearly demonstrates the range and scope of the Covert Operations Specialist (COS)

We have developed 2 new courses that are now listed on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) which are nationally accredited and available to our clients – These are 

We are currently training a wide variation of clients who have a requirement to protect the UK’s National Infrastructure from Serious Organised Crime and the growing threat of Terrorism and Espionage

We also have a variety of TSCM courses which are Endorsed by TQUK featuring both Technical and Management understanding of the Technical Security Counter Measures processes and procedures and these are delivered by one of our Partner Organisations that are world leaders in the field of Audio and Video Detection

Available Related SIA Qualifications 

Qualifications and Endorsed Courses Coming Soon

Risk Mitigation & Infrastructure Protection

Intelligence and Surveillance are only part of a solution therefore it is important to recognise how our risks and threats can be reduced to their lowest forms – The Protection of Infrastructure maintains the continuity of our businesses and aids within the Risk Management process by reducing financial burdens. Solutions to the mitigation of threats must be cost-effective and relative to the Risk Implications of doing little or nothing. 

This is where Intelligence and Surveillance Operations come into their own, by providing invaluable information for management to clearly understand the potential vulnerability and possible exploitation of any lapses in security  

Innovative and site-specific Solutions should not be a financial burden, but an added value to the portfolio, especially where Health & Safety are concerned 

Using available technology that can be moved and re-installed elsewhere when sites are made redundant makes Financial sense, using both overt and covert technology enables the Security Management to retain more of their budget for High Risk and Value assets    

Solar Powered lighting systems to light up dangerous areas or external pathways all designed to reduce the need for digging long mains supply trenches and to reduce the carbon footprint whilst protecting employees from Health & Safety issues during the night working. These systems will typically give you from 6-8 hours of continuous light.

The next generation of security & surveillance devices.

Wire-free – instant surveillance anywhere

Features and benefits:

• Ultralow-power portable camera
• Integrated or external solar panel trickle charges the battery to provide continuous power
• The camera can also be wired to an external power source if preferred
• High quality security-grade images (admissible as evidence in court)
• Inbuilt motion detector with programmable image sequence
• Images are time & date stamped with digital signature
• Privacy ensured – images can be digitally encrypted
• Telephoto lens options available
• Capture up to 210,000 images on removable storage

  • Colour or Mono images
    • Modular options…3G/4g cellular internal modem
    • Integrated night vision spotlight with invisible or semi-invisible infra-red (Red-Eye Day Night)
    • Red-Eye REMOTE for covert surveillance from a distance
    • Interfacing with alarms or other devices with expansion board
    • Remote control enables easy camera activation


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