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Welcome to the CPD Apprenticeship Page  

We have teamed up with Security CPD Global Ltd to create the CPD Apprenticeship scheme, which is designed to help security operatives or those wishing to become Security Operatives the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge prior to embarking on a regulated course which has the potential to cost large amounts of money with no guarantee of passing. So what the Security CPD Apprenticeship Scheme does is, allows you to develop up to date skills and knowledge prior to going on your chosen course, preparing you for the examinations or tests enabling you to concentrate on the learning provided rather than panicking about writing and reading notes crammed into each day, you will be able to focus on what you don’t fully understand ensuring you obtain a higher rated pass mark. 

It may also be, a situation where a Security Operative wishes to extend their current knowledge or develop skills and knowledge in different areas of Security Trade Craft, ensuring you have a better chance of reaching your chosen aim whilst developing your professional portfolio.   

The CPD Apprenticeship also enables Security Operatives to personally develop from Guard to Supervisor,  and from Management to Consultant, we have a wide range of products and CPD Courses designed purely for the Security Industry as a whole whether you are working in Licensed Retail or Hostile Environments we will have something for everyone 

CPD Apprenticeships are self-funded and range in cost from £50 – £100 per month or they can be one-off costs dependent on your specific requirements 

CPD Programs & Member Courses 

  • Setting up Residence Security
  • Asset Protection
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Event Organisation
  • Close Protection Details
  • Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Investigations
  • Surveillance Operations
  • Hiring Personnel for Clients (C.P Driver, Chauffeur, Protection)
  • Covert Operations 
  • Licensing (UK) Licensed Retail Industry
  • Counter Surveillance Teams
  • Land, Maritime, and Aviation Courses available 
To obtain Licencing information click on the SIA Badges

Our Training Team actively work within the Security Industry completing paid for assignments which enables them to provide up to date and current understanding of the specialism they operate within


To aid those embarking on the CPD Apprenticeship Scheme we provide equipment and the tools you will need to perfect your skills and enhance your knowledge in a safe and positive learning environment. 

Women in Security

Training to work within a traditionally male environment can be a daunting task and can put many women off from seeking to achieve their aims and aspirations, however, we fully support and encourage women to develop within the Security Industry by providing bespoke training and CPD Course that they can undertake prior to an official course, which will give them the edge over other learners because they will have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter prior to attending.  

Teaching the X-Factor Team

Diversity & Equality

We pro-actively support the LGBTQ community in developing their CPD and helping individuals overcome barriers to promotion and knowledge within the Security Industry and we know it’s hard enough getting work in the firstplace that will embrace your diversity and encourage you to seek promotional opprotunities. We can help your development within a secure and friendly environment that truely embraces your contribution to Security 

Demonfort University
There are a wide range of Trades within the Security Industry which can be Front Line or Operational Support and many people miss out on finding these niche services which remain essential to the operational success of any project.
Surveillance Operations require Frontline Operatives and Operational Support
People always leave some form of evidence

Atlantian Solutions Offers a Wide range of Specialist Training                                     

  • Level 3 Close Protection 14 Days Duration
  • Level 2 CCTV (PSS) 4 Days Duration
  • Level 4 Penetration Testing 
  • CPD Level 4 Operational Planning 


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