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Credit & Risk checking Facility 

In Association with Credit Safe, we help you manage your credit risk solutions. Our dedicated team can perform a variety of checks on companies and businesses to ensure you don’t fall foul of bad debtors. Alternatively, we can give you the confidence to create successful partnerships with those you need a high level of trust. Atlantian Solutions are also members of the Association of British Investigators   

Credit Checking

Course Development and Accreditation

Our Educational Consultants who are EQA’s and IQA’s can build and design your courses and where appropriate put them forward for accreditation on the Ofqual framework as nationally recognised qualifications or as graded Awards with a recognised UK Awarding Body.

We have created several Awards for one of our Technical Security Counter Measures clients which have been successfully put through rigorous checks and the first batch of learners have been awarded their certificates and recently released a First in Industry Qualification in Penetration Testing. Our clients have also commissioned further courses in Medicine, Covert Operations and another client has asked us to develop a world-first in Tattooing, which demonstrates our diversity within course building

Five easy steps:

Train your own employees with a recognised qualification.

With over 30 years of working and training within Specialist environments, in the Civilian Corporate marketplace, Police Enforcement, and Military Covert Operations, each with its own prerequisites and anomalies that need to be navigated, to provide a service second to none.
Atlantian Solutions has worked behind the scenes for these Institutions and Establishments, providing essential services that require a special type of sensitivity and lateral thinking to achieve the required outcomes, productivity and development.
We offer a Free initial consultation to assess what is required and what you require to ensure clarity and a positive outcome, once we have clarity on the requested issue/s.
The importance of the initial meeting can never be underestimated as this sets the basic building blocks of our relationship, whilst aiding us in sourcing the correct consultant to engage with whomever you nominate as the prime contact.

Covert Surveillance and Intelligence are intertwined
Covert Surveillance and Intelligence are intertwined

Security & Surveillance

Our senior management team boasts over 50 years of collaborative experience gained through military, civilian, and academic qualifications. Our consultants are all from Military, Police, and Government backgrounds who formerly worked within the Intelligence Services, Special Forces, and Police.

Our team has experience of operating both over land and at sea, by day and night including hugely testing theatres such as Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq. All of our specialists are highly qualified ex-military/Police personnel from the UK with significant operational and training experience within a multitude of environments. Having served within the UK military our teams represent the highest standards in all respects of their specialisms.

Their expertise is within but not limited to:

National Infrastructure

One of our projects working in partnership with the Department of Transport (DfT), the British Transport Police (BTP) and Train Operating Companies (TOC’s) was the Secure Stations Scheme, ensuring safety and security across multiple Railway Services across the UK. 

We offer exceptional solutions for exceptional problems, ensuring our clients are given a first-class service, prompt advice, and on-going support. As an independent company with no axe to grind, we will look for the most positive solution irrespective of whether it’s a competitor or not.

We believe, if you are provided with honest and non-bias information, you’ll come back time and time again, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that has worked for over 15 years with some of the clients that engaged us in the beginning and are still clients today. 

Penetration Testing & Security Solutions

Having developed a specialist skill within the Military and Police detecting and preventing serious organised crime and protecting national Infrastructure we find ourselves in a perfect position to offer our clients the benefit of our combined experience to test and resolve security issues within your business or premises.

Staff and Security can become complacent, giving rise to breaches of security which can ultimately become theft or even espionage. We have client partnerships that can complete TSCM sweeps in the event of Cyber or Technical Surveillance concerns – “Not All threats are External”

Helicopter (SAR) Training & Drone Consultancy

Andy Furness is our consultant Drone expert, with a wealth of military service working with Special Forces extraction teams and civilian knowledge within commercial drones and Helicopter crew training. This makes him well placed, to provide both training and active reconnaissance for your operational needs. This could be surveys, Covert Operations, and or Operational Air Cover during major events. Andy is a fully CAA approved operator with insurance and licensing to operate.

Drones can be used to protect infrastructure, Monitor Areas, and Survey Dangerous Sites.

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