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Mission Statement

  1. Atlantian Solutions Aims to: “Provide the highest level of service to its Clients and the consumers of its services, by properly resourcing and managing our business in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.
  2. Atlantian Solutions aims to be recognised as a company that is renowned for its, honesty, clarity, and quality of service to its Clients.
  3. Atlantian Solutions will invest its profits within the business to benefit all our staff and Clients whilst developing a culture of continuous improvement through long-term relationships, promoting a culture of diversity, continuity, and first in class for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

How we can help

Outsourcing to a reputable company that provides genuinely comprehensive solutions is a sound business decision.  By choosing Atlantian Solutions, you can feel assured that you are working with a professional partner/s that complements your core business.

With a proven track record of providing high-quality, bespoke, flexible, cost-effective training, Services, and technological solutions. The scope of our client base ranges from large corporations to small local businesses.

Our management team has a wealth of experience gained as former Specialist Military, Police, and Civilian Security Operatives with many years on the ground working with high-value clients.

Atlantian Solution’s emphasis is on our field team conducting regular CPD, and live operations around the world ensuring our clients obtain up-to-date and proven systems of work, Instruction, and Advice.

We have no fear of being open and honest with our clients especially if a competitor or product is better suited to your needs and we are always open to working in partnerships and overseeing the implementation of services or products for you.

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Member of the Security Institute
Fully insured by HISCOX
Full Member of the Association of British Investigators
Associate Member of the College of Paramedics
Registered with UKRLP
Registered with ICO ZA559470
Member of the ISRM
Registered Specialist Member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management
Associate Member of
Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators 
Member of Security CPD Global 
Authorised Provider of CPD Training and Development 

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Mobile: 07725 970954
Landline: 01572 729 505

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