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Training & Development
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All of our team are creatively innovative thinkers who have spent long careers within the industries they specialise, enabling them to confidently provide Solutions and Mitigate Risks whilst being able to academically support and develop personnel to high standards – Professional course writing and materials designed, enabling clients to get national accreditation on the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF).  We are extremely adaptive and able to provide a wide range of skills and abilities into real life solutions 

Do you require credit searching facilities? No need to worry our professional team of investigators can provide a solution. 

Are you a Micro (Self Employed) or Small business who requires ID cards? We can provide interactive ID with bar codes, so your clients can scan revealing the required details you wish them to be aware of.

Training & Courses

Our training team all hold recognised qualifications and work within their specialist areas, which provides them with the most up to date and relevant knowledge to ensure candidates get the experience and tuition they need to be competent from day one.
Our Course developers work with you, to create innovative and exciting educational packages which aren’t currently available on the RQF.

Previously developed endorsed courses in association with  an Electronic Counter Measures Industry leader who required their own Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM) course formatted and endorsed by an Awarding Body. This year we saw the Level 4 Covert Operations and Threat Management Course listed on the RQF as a regulated course, as well as the Level 4 Physical Penetration Testing Course which went live this September (2020) both of which our staff helped to develop and write documentation for, enabling successful delivery of the first two courses

Course Development and Accreditation

Do you require a recognised or in-house training program that is bespoke or not yet available?

Our Educational Consultants who are EQA’s and IQA’s can build and design your courses and where appropriate put them forward for accreditation on the Ofqual framework as nationally recognised qualifications or as graded Awards with a recognised UK Awarding Body

Designing training programs isn’t easy, for some companies or corporate entities, which is why they come to us.

  • Endorsed TSCM Grade 3 to Grade 4 
  • Level 4 Covert Operations and Threat Management (RQF)
  • Grade 3 Thermal Screening Technician  
  • Level 4 Physical Penetration Testing (RQF)
  • Level 3 – 5 in Operational Intelligence Gathering

Protective Security

Our comprehensive suite of specialist security operatives are dedicated to protecting your Assets, Buildings, Intellectual property and personnel.
Physical Penetration Testing (P.P.T) is an excellent system of testing and understanding your own Security requirements, whilst providing the facilities director with an understanding of the mitigation processes required to eliminate exploitation and vulnerability, within their Organisation. Very few understand the complexity of a true P.P.T where a trained operative will endeavour to circumnavigate any vulnerabilities within your Security Policy and Procedures, using a wide variation of techniques from social engineering to advanced Intelligence gathering. 

Our team responds to the level of P.T.T required by our clients, whether they are Government or Civilian entities requiring an understanding of their  vulnerabilities and or the serviceability and reliability of their current provisions. Proactive Mitigation and Testing is better than Regret or Public loss of credibility

Faithful in Adversity

We offer exceptional solutions for exceptional problems, ensuring our clients are given a first-class service, prompt advise and on-going support. As an independent company with no axe to grind, we will look for the most positive solution irrespective of whether it’s a competitor or not.

We believe, if you are provided with honest and non-bias information, you’ll come back time and time again, ensuring a symbiotic relationship that has worked for over 15 years with some of our clients that engaged us in the beginning and are still clients today.

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