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Working Partnership supporting Learning & Development

Working behind the scene’s

Security, Innovation and Reliability


Our team have had long and respectable careers within the Military and Civilian arena’s with a special interests
within Policing, Security, Medicine and Charities - Our collaborative thinking enables us to work outside of normal
parameters ensuring a positive and effective conclusion to many problems.
Our careers, have taken us across a multitude of industries, which has enhanced our innovative and analytical
capabilities ensuring cost effective solutions to often painful problems.
We have Technicians, Special Forces, Intelligence, Police and Medical Operatives all of whom have the ability to
work as one entity for the peace of mind and Prosperity of the client.
Our team has worked within the Military and within Commercial Companies performing a multitude of roles which
all goes towards making them a formidable unit in the management and mitigation of problems
Martin Brown (SIIRSM)

Education & Quality Assurance 

Martin has been teaching for many years, both whilst serving in the Military and as the Lead instructor of 
Atlantian Solutions, he is also an Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) and External Quality Assurance (EQA) 
Qualified Assessor in Vocational Training and Development, and is currently writing course for several 
companies which will culminate in a Level 5 Diploma on the RQF framework. 
Martin has taken his teaching into Universities and Secondary Schools helping children and adults gain 
both confidence and inspiration to achieve their Teaching qualifications and prepare them for life in the
workplace. Much of what he does has been or is kept under wraps or isn’t advertised due to keeping
various projects or individuals away from competitors eyes whilst he works quietly in the background to
help them mobilise their projects or new careers  
Our teams talents and skills have been used to provide environmental solutions that save the tax payer vast amounts of money that would have normally been spent on wasted time by employees visiting sites instead of going directly to trouble spots, our new camera systems are able to be monitored anywhere in the world providing warning of many issues from localised theft of machinery to enabling employees to see each morning the status of their dams, grills and of sites that may have become blocked over night Our Technology team have since upgraded the prior system, with a more robust and viable CCTV system manufactured here in the UK. The great thing about working in partnership with talented people is the high success rate, of have resolving issues that normally stump others.
Our resident technical experts can devise a multitude of systems from covert cameras to catch fly tippers to serious
Crime and then from preventing natural disasters such as flooding through real time monitoring
Protecting Assets and ensuring crowd safety is neither easy nor simple, the planning and knowledge of your team
has to be exceptional and meticulous, whilst working with engineers, track teams, vendors, fire and Safety advisor’s.
Planning and Operational protocols need to be managed so everyone has an understanding of the security and safety
protocols in the event of an incident whether its a security one or Health & Safety issue.
Maintaining control is always difficult when you have the best in the world gathered all in one place and needing one
team to be able to identify and mitigate issues or problems that must be solved.
Our team has worked within both Motorcycle Racing, Formula E and Formula 1 providing Safety, Security and Organisation
skills to bring about a safe and enjoyable event for Customers, Clients and Participants.
Securing their secrets and the vehicles from exposure to the media and theft prior to national release on race days

Working with the Environment Agency

We are currently installing specialised lighting systems which aid agency workers to operate during a night time emergency using remote controlled devices and solar charged lambs

Security Consultancy -Racing Circuits

Surveillance - 24 Hours Notice: 

A well known shipping company obtained information that, theft was about to be committed by a small group of individuals working for the company via a subcontractor and some previously unknown contractors. Our team spent several hours observing and taking in excess of 650 photographs, writing witness statements, until sufficient evidence was gained, and as per the clients instructions they called the Port Police who arrested six people red handed, with goods in their possession, recovering everything that had been removed from the container lorries. We have now implemented a comprehensive action plan to mitigate further possible infringements of security protocol or illegal activity. 5 years after this operation and management are still very happy with the our teams input, ensuring very little happens without the security being aware 
Undercover and positioned themselves to catch the culprits in the act.
The organisation of an Air show in conjunction with the Royal Air Force and the efforts of one of our team who raised circa
£15,000 of prizes and sponsorship which enabled the idea to be taken on board by the station Commander and Air Traffic
Control, which then became a joint effort to fund 2 homes for displaced children in Africa housing around 20 war affected
children in each home. It is what our team continues to do for charities albeit not as grand as the families day Air Display.

Charity Work - Building Homes for Children


Working with the British Transport Police (BTP), The Department for Transport (DfT) and the Railway’s
Train Operating Companies (TOC’s) Martin achieved over 500 Secure Stations Awards for several Train Operators
from Southend Central to Glasgow Station ensuring passenger safety and achievement of the Operators obligation
to DfT to attain a better safety culture across the entire network
Our partnership work has seen us working with Canadian Specialist Technologists to proved Railway Safety Technology
to help prevent deaths on remote crossing here in the UK, which was funded by our technical team and will be shortly
completing it’s year long trials on a private railway line within the East Midlands.
Work will now commence on live trials with track operators who have been eager to implement the system on a
multitude of crossing that have caused significant issues and concern, since the trials began we have also integrated
CCTV Monitoring using technology we developed for Security purposes else where

Advanced Railway Technology & Safety

SIA Security Badged and working within the Security Industry in various roles to maintain skills through CPD