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In conjunction with one of our clients we have a standalone system that detects temperatures, giving you early warning of a potentially ill worker

Thermal Imaging Thermal Imaging for peace of mind 

We provide a wide range of solutions for unusual and remote area monitoring, some with dedicated mains power and others with internal battery packs, which are backed up and recharged via Solar Power, reducing your carbon footprint and the need for cabling and unnecessary impacts to the environment.  CCTV Training – Do your employees need CCTV Training for either Control Operations or Covert CCTV Surveillance? We can provide CCTV (SIA Compliant) training – See PDF for Details

Many Systems are developed purely for your site or environmental needs, with GPS, PIR, ANPR or other CCTV technologies to ensure they provide the information you need from the comfort of your home and Office (Dependent on authorities given by the system owners). Some of our clients authorise their team leaders to have access 24/7 to online pictures in the event of an emergency, which they can react to immediately. Others have dedicated monitoring via their own CCTV Control rooms.

Our Camera systems continued to work during severe flooding, enabling the client to make vital decisions on the deployment of personnel with the right equipment. The camera system was monitored over night as the river started to burst its banks allowing the team plenty of time to open and close the correct combination of flood gates preventing the flooding of homes and businesses, whilst enabling farmers to move live stock to safety before they became stuck or drowned

Covert and Overt Monitoring and Warning Systems

With a multitude of applications and high specification systems we are able to provide Warning announcements (Warning: You have entered a restricted area, this bridge is unsafe Do Not Cross), Farm Machinery monitoring including trackers, Motion Sensors within yards and Visual confirmation of Locks opening and closing.

Monitoring Yard Gates,Equipment yards and Wildlife or protected sites

Solar Powered lighting systems to light up dangerous areas or external pathways all designed to reduce the need for digging long mains supply trenches and to reduce the carbon footprint whilst protecting employees from Health & Safety issues during night working.These systems will typically give you from 6-8 hours of continuous light.

Motion Sensor actives turning night into day with this powerful LED (15w-100w)

Working Mode: 1. Automatic turn on at dusk, turn off dawn.

  1. When motion is detected, it becomes brighter; if the movement leaves, it will turn

back to dark mode again.

  1. The daytime turns off automatically and starts charging.

The next generation of security & surveillance devices.

Wire-free – instant surveillance anywhere

Features and benefits:

• Ultralow-power portable camera
• Integrated or external solar panel trickle charges the battery to provide continuous power
• The camera can also be wired to an external power source if preferred
• High quality security-grade images (admissible as evidence in court)
• Inbuilt motion detector with programmable image sequence
• Images are time & date stamped with digital signature
• Privacy ensured – images can be digitally encrypted
• Telephoto lens options available
• Capture up to 210,000 images on removable storage
• Colour or Mono images
• Modular options…3G cellular internal modem
• Integrated night vision spotlight with invisible or semi-invisible infra-red (RedEyeDayNight)
• RedEye REMOTE for covert surveillance from a distance
• Interfacing with alarms or other devices with expansion board
• Remote control enables easy camera activation

One of our technical Partners provide ready – made solutions

Water management and environmental monitoring have unique challenges.

The Idefigo solution ensures you always have the information you need about any location, 24 hours a day, no matter how remote.

Water management is a big focus for farmers. Environmental monitoring of waterways is also crucial to ensure changing weather conditions do not disrupt water flow through water culverts, streams, rivers, lakes and various man-made structures.

Monitoring water levels in tanks, particularly tanks positioned in remote locations, to ensure water levels are maintained for animal health

Monitoring water culverts in remote locations is difficult as power is restrictive and the need to travel long distances causes delay and cost issues in getting men onsite regularly.

Monitoring natural resources to identify water flow issues before they become hazardous

Mi5 Security offers a well-priced, specialized camera security solution (RedEye) that is simple to install and operate. This award-winning solution is already in operation in UK Local Govt and Enforcement agencies around the world and includes the following key capabilities:

CCTV Training

Do your employees need CCTV Training for either Control Operations or Covert CCTV Surveillance?

We can provide CCTV (SIA Compliant) training – See PDF for Details

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